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    Welcome to the specialized hub for chiropractors seeking top-tier hot and cold therapy solutions. Our collection spans from precision-engineered hot and cold packs to advanced heating units, ensuring targeted relief and enhanced patient care. Crafted for professionals, our equipment promises efficacy, durability, and optimal therapeutic outcomes. Elevate your practice with our handpicked range.
    5 products
    Richmar HydraTherm DT Moist Heat Therapy Device with 6 HydraHeat Standard Packs - (12”x10” Size)
    Richmar HydraTherm Deluxe Moist Heat Therapy w/Packs
    Sale price $1,995.95 Regular price $3,499.95 Save 43%
    Core Versa-Bath Heating Unit
    from $589.99
    Thermal Core Moist Heat Packs
    from $11.95
    CorPak Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Therapy Packs
    from $7.95 Regular price $10.34 Save 23%
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